Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Week in Photos

     Three essays, one script to read, five pages of math problems, Journalism notes, a quiz to study for, 50+ pages of reading and a 2 hour play to attend. Yep, I'll admit it, college has gotten the best of me this week. I barely even had time to snap any pictures. Here are some bits & pieces from my hectic week, hope yours was just as crazy!

Shannon on the left, me on the bottom, Lindsey on the right, Joy on the top!

What happens in Joy's room, stays in Joy's room.

The stupid stick-on French manicure that destroyed my nails!

Jennifer and I throwing pennies into the fountain at school. Make a wish, bitchez!

Carrie, Jen and I decided to take a tiny road trip to Norwalk, CA and visit a few swap meets. Fail.
The dirtiest, sketchiest, most ghetto place in the world. What were we thinking?

We went to get BOBA instead. Much better!

Sittin' on the sidewalk, trying to look like a model. 
The old chewing gum all over the floor throws it off just a bit.

Pitbull mix puppy!

What are you dreaming about, Nick Jay? Must be something wonderful.
He begged me not to upload this picture. Oops.

Channeling my inner 40's girl with a poofed-up hairstyle and a flower!
The flowy dress and pearl earrings made it even lovelier.

Ending the post with this little piece of adorableness!
I left that kiss mark in secret, told him about it like 45 minutes later.
He went to the store like that without even knowing it.

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