Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Week in Photos

     Hello there!
     Greetings, practically non-existent readers! This week has been plenty wonderful. In other words, nothing terrible has happened. That alone makes for a pretty good week in my books. Here are a few memories I've snapped within these past seven days, just some random bits & pieces that seemed perfect to share. Enjoy!

My boyfriend gave me a photoshoot at the park, he is the sweetest. I bought that fabulous dress at Target for a mere 20 bucks! It's an instant favorite, and I feel like such a 60's girl in it!

Oh, and the purse came from Target as well. It's a store of wonders!

That awkward moment when your boyfriend looks like the guy from "The Shining." By the way, this is Joe! My sweet boyfriend of two years. A happy Zoe is a happy Joe. Yeah, he actually said that once.

On Monday, I went to my friend Cody's apartment to hangout for a couple hours. He has a pitbull named Lala. She's sweet, but SO GOD DAMN SHY. It took me half an hour to get one good photo of her in which she wasn't running away or hiding. I swear, someone must have beat her with a camera when she was little.

Eugh, I hate thinking about the terrible things we put in our body. But I love taking pictures of them.

This, on the left, is my coffee. Sitting on a desk. A desk attached to a recliner. A recliner in front of a flat screen TV. A TV playing Family Guy. A TV playing Family Guy which is located inside my school. Oh, college! Could you make me feel anymore at home? The "buff me" photo is from a wall in the girls restroom. Buff that shit, bitches. They'll just keep making more graffiti. Girl power.

 Cuntaaaa! My boyfriend has a parrot at his place, along with like 20 small dogs. Note the little feet in the background.

The vintage photobooth app on my iPad works wonders!

Wonderful Wednesday. A better view of my haircut, although I'm probably the only person who can even tell the difference. Oh well!

Yeah, we can be cute sometimes.

Joe lookin' like an army boy! I'm a sucker for a man in uniform, maybe one day this will be a real one. 

Max, Joe and I messing around with Photobooth. Tell me that last one doesn't remind you of Pinky & the Brain?!

 On Thursday night, I went to the Queen Mary to see a play for theatre class! "The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer." Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Ehh. I didn't have a ride there or back, so I literally went on Facebook and offered gas money to the first person who'd be willing to take me. A good friend Mike replied. We got off the wrong freeway exit twice on there way there, and accidentally got on the bridge to San Pedro! The bridge you can't turn around on until you go all the way across & into the next city! When we finally arrived, I sprinted my ass to the front gates and made it inside at 8:02. Two minutes late, but who's counting?

One of my bestestestest friends, Carrie, came to pick me up. After circling around the parking lot twenty times looking for the exit, we came across this beautiful view of downtown Long Beach and couldn't resist having an impromptu photo-shoot! They turned out so amazing. I love this city.

Hopefully I'll stick to this idea and post a "This Week in Photos" every Saturday. I encourage you all to start carrying your camera around everywhere you go, just like I did! Have a wonderful week!

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