Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Top 10 College Essentials

     I've only been in college for a month so far, but I already feel like a seasoned university student. I've somehow become a world-class expert on catching buses, finding classes, speed reading and staying awake during Philosophy 101. It's been smooth sailing for me so far, but I definitely couldn't have made it through without these ten college essentials!

     1. Coffee. This lovely hot drink seems to show up on every list I make, doesn't it? Well, there's a good reason for that! Coffee is a well-known college lifesaver. Ditch those syrupy energy drinks (so high school!) and start your morning with a hot cup of flavored coffee instead. Grab an iced macchiato in the afternoon to put some pep back in your step. Take a shot of espresso in the evening to give your brain a buzz for a late-night study session. Yep, coffee comes in handy at all hours of the day for a college student. It's definitely an essential, at least for me!

     2. iPad. I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that every college student out there invest in an iPad! This thing is a powerhouse, and probably the most useful item I've ever bought. It's a camera, an internet browser, a word processor, a video player, a note taker, a dictionary, a calculator, an iPod, a game player, a photo editor... Need I go on? Screw those people who say the iPad is just a big, awkward iPod touch. It's not. It's an amazing product that comes in handy on a daily basis, for just about everything. In fact, I'm typing up this post on my iPad right meow!

     3. Rosebud Salve. This little miracle product packs a big punch! Rosebud salve is an adorable lil' round tin full of pink, rose-scented salve that can be used for just about anything. Swipe some on your lips, elbows, ankles, knees, and just about anywhere else you have dry skin. I usually rub some around that weird bone you have on your ankle and pat a little on my lips from time to time. It looks like lip gloss, feels like lip balm. No fuss or stickiness. Rosebud salves usually go for about 5 bucks each, but one tin of this stuff will last you forever!

     4. Public Transportation. I'm fortunate enough to live right around the corner from a bus stop that goes straight to my school, a one way trip! All students ride for free as well, so it's absolutely perfect. Especially since I don't own a car. When you rely on public transportation to travel around town, you don't have to worry about parking permits or gas money. Get on the bus, get off the bus, get where you're going. Try it every once in awhile, it's not half as bad as people think!

     5. Leggings. Let's face it, ladies... We can't all walk around in skinny jeans 24/7. There comes a time in every college girls life where she just wants to be comfy. This is where leggings come into play! They're stretchy, they're cheap, they're perfect for studying or lounging around at home. They also make for an amazing yoga ensemble. Leggings should be a staple in every college girls closet! Just please remember that leggings do not equal pants. I've seen many-a-girl make this terrible mistake. If you're going to venture out into the wild with leggings on, wear a long tunic or a sweater that covers your booty!

     6. Filofax. A Filofax is basically a day planner taken to the next level. It's a little binder filled to the brim with calendars, note paper, envelopes, address papers, to-do lists, and pretty much whatever else your heart desires! I'm an organization maniac, so my Filofax helps tremendously with keeping up on due dates and remembering homework assignments. It's my little black book full of madness. I got mine for a high school graduation present after pining over it on the Filofax website and dropping subtle hints about it for months. (Hehe!) It was 99 bucks, a pretty steep price for a day planner! But it's made from real leather, which means it'll last a lifetime. Shiny, sleek, real leather. The thing smelled like a new car when it first arrived. I couldn't stop smelling it. People looked at me funny. See it below!

     7. Sunglasses. Every college student needs a pair of trusty sunglasses! Not only do they protect our peepers from the sun's harmful rays, but they can mask a hangover or a sick day in an instant. I've been sporting my brown tinted wayfarers (fake ones, of course!) for years and years. Mostly on my head. This might sound weird, but I always wear sunglasses on my head. Every day. Inside or outside. I'm even wearing them on my head in my college ID photo. I feel naked without 'em up there! However you choose to wear them, a good pair of shades will always come in handy. Sunglasses are adorable and timeless, they will never go out of style. Definitely a college essential!

     8. Tic-Tacs. One of my many, many addictions in life. Ask any of my friends! I rifle through packs of these tiny little breath mints like it's feeding time at the zoo. Tic-tacs are cheap, yummy, and less than 2 calories each. They're the perfect fix when you're sitting in class with a sweet tooth. Pop a pack in your school bag for a some quick little pick-me-ups throughout the day. The orange flavor is my absolute favorite!

     9. Financial aid. No matter what kind of financial situation you're in, always apply for financial aid! It's a huge help, and you never know how generous the government can be. I won't be giving out any details, but let's just say this: After tuition was paid for, I was left with enough money to buy my iPad with it's keyboard, textbooks, clothes, school supplies, pretty much everything in this post and food for the rest of the year. Long story short, I'm being paid to attend college. Pretty awesome, right? Financial aid is a wonderful thing, so do yourself a big favor and sign up ASAP!

     10. A big bag! I learned this lesson the hard way. Strapping a teeny-tiny bag around your shoulder, no matter how adorable it may be, is so not worth juggling twenty pounds of textbooks in your arms. College students typically carry a lot of weight, so a spacious bag with lots of pockets is key. All you need is one big, heavy-duty, reliable bag. Save your cute little purses for the weekend, and bring out the big guns when it comes to class!

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