Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Week in Photos

     Hello there. 
     I've gotta run to a swap meet with some friends, so I haven't got much time to explain. Here's my week in photos. Hope you guys like it! Seeya! x

There's a lovely story behind this photo. After snapping it in what we THOUGHT was a pretty cool store, 
the bitch at the cash register said "You know what? I don't like you doing that. You need to stop." You see, if she would have asked me nicely, I'd have put my camera away and apologized. But she didn't. So I gave her the d-i-l-l-i-g-a-f look and asked "Why?" She replied with "Because." I said, "Well, because why?" She started looking really uncomfortable and said back, "If I came into your home and started taking a bunch of pictures, how would you feel?" I replied, "Well, hopefully you don't live here, because this is a store. But whatever." It took all my might to hold back from adding "bitch" to the end of that sentence. All. My. Might. So, ladies and gentleman of Long Beach... If you ever pass by the novelty store on Broadway Street, right across from the Park Pantry, go inside and snap a bunch of pictures. Try to get one of the lady at the cash register, if you can. She'll be flattered.

Kittens on 2nd street! We fell in love.

Took some photos of a succulent garden near 2nd street. I love these little desert plants so much. 
When I get married someday, I'm saying screw roses! There will be desert flowers everywhere, cactus centerpieces, and a beautiful succulent bouquet. Amazing.

This is my "Fall" shirt. The colors & patterns are just so Fall-ish. It's lovely.

This dog is obsessed with me. It was cute at first, but now he won't leave me alone. 
I've almost tripped over him like five times because he weaves in and out of my legs while I'm walking & jumps on me constantly. Sometimes I have to kick him away. Just kidding. Ha. Ha.

Oatmeal cookies and coffee, absolutely perfect for a rainy day.

You're never too old for a Ring Pop!

This is just plain weird. My mom NEVER does cute stuff like this.
When I woke up and saw this note on the bathroom mirror, I seriously thought she committed suicide or something. Nope, just being nice?

 There's nothing better than warm vegetarian chili on a rainy day. Even when you're stuck outside waiting for
class. As for the second picture? I'll let you in on one of my clever little secrets: Flip-flops in the rain. If you wear normal shoes, they get soaked. Your socks get soaked as well, and you're squishing around in wet shoes all day. When you've got flip-flops on, your feet obviously get wet, but they dry off instantly! You can splash around in puddles all day, guilt-free. It's kind of nice to feel the cool water on your toes. You're welcome.

Rainy Wednesday. This is probably one of the best photos I've ever taken.
There's something special about being at school in the rain, with a hot cup of coffee, finishing up some writing in the lounge. Sitting in a big comfy chair by the window & watching the rain fall. I feel like such a cliché college student. It's pretty wonderful!

Sittin' in Journalism class with Jen. Obviously paying attention.

My boyfriend recycles, and he found this newspaper in the trash! A real newspaper from 1897. 
Crazy that someone would toss this in the trash like a piece of junk. Check out that vintage advertisement- Shampoo & style for 50 cents? Sign me up.

Hello there, Nick Jay! And hello there, iPad reflection. Studying in the library for two hours. 
Philosophy. Top floor. We could see the beach from the library window, it was some hardcore shit.

Ended the week with a trip to the movies with Joe! It was pretty much a fail with a capital F. 
The bus dropped us off in the wrong city. We randomly (and I mean randomly!) ran into one of our friends from Long Beach all the way over there, so we hitched a ride with them to the movies. Bought our ticket. Guy said the movie sucked. Changed our minds. Got a refund. Went home. Hooray. I'm going to a swap meet & a girlfriend's birthday party tonight though, so this weekend is lookin' up!
Hope you all had a great week full of lovely things!

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