Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Monday, April 23, 2012

It's BBQ Season!

     Living in the LBC, there's no escaping the celebration that comes around on April 20th of each year. Because this is such a public blog, I'm gonna keep it PG and let your street smarts do the guessing. But anyways, I decided to organize a little springtime BBQ to celebrate this year!
     I somehow got everything to work perfectly. No trouble, no drama, no cops, no hungry tummies. Everyone brought food to share and everyone got along. It was a hot, 90-degree Long Beach day, and we set up camp at this cute little park next to the beach. The only thing that wasn't cute about it were the bum fights going on around us, but that's just to be expected. Some cracked out lady kept screaming that people were "scaring her bird," which turned out to be a crow sitting in a nearby tree. I didn't even dare to look at "her" bird. Then another one started screaming from the opposite direction about some thug wearing a du-rag who stole her lighter. Interesting day.
     We ate lots of yummy food, climbed down the steep cliffs to the ocean, found an ice cream truck, took lots of pictures, and just overall had a lovely day. Mission successful!

Moses and I! (And some inappropriate hot dog action that you should definitely ignore!)

Carne Asadaaaaa! Oh, and the other stuff.

Carrie and I being pin-up girls. We tried.

Sooo0oo0ooo thankful that everyone brought food! 

This would have been perfect if it wasn't blurry. Booooo!

Kickin' it on the beach in Loooong Beach.

The view from the top & the view from the bottom.
If you look extra closely, you can see an ant-sized little Carrie making her way down the mountain. Which was, mind you, WAY bigger than it looks here.

Just me, casually being a free-spirited hipster on the sand.
The camera accidentally turned on and took a picture.
I'm not a model.

 These girls are crazy as hell in their own ways, but I loooove them all.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feelin' Special

     I just felt like writing you a lil' THANK YOU note this afternoon. Yes, you! When I first created this blog a couple months ago, I was happy to see 5, maybe 6 or 7 hits a day. Somehow that number has shot up to almost a hundred. A hundred views a day. A hundred people read my blog. A day. Really?! And not just people that I already know--the map shows readers from Russia, Japan, and even Africa who have clicked on my blog. Seeing that number rise higher & higher makes me feel amazing inside. I know I don't own the most popular blog in the universe--some get hundreds of thousands of hits a day, making my humble little blog look like an ant!--But this is much more than enough in my eyes. It's such a great feeling to know that people actually read what I write. That people actually care. That every day, almost a hundred people take time out of their day to click on the word "LOVEZOFO." It's a wonderful feeling. Thank you all very much, and don't be shy to leave comments! I'd love to meet some of my readers!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Latest Guilty Pleasure

     I'm a nerd in disguise. There, I said it, and now everybody knows it. No matter how much mascara I wear, how inappropriate I can be or how many friends I have... There's a nerd living somewhere deep, down inside me. Hm... Let me try that again without being inappropriate. Told you. I AM A NERD AT HEART. I get excited about things like filling out worksheets, reading chapters in my textbooks (only the interesting ones of course, I'm not that hardcore of a nerd), and most of all, a good book. When I find a book that captivates me, good luck prying it from my fingers! I will read & read & read 'till the very end, and nothing can stop me!

     I hate to hop on the bandwagon like every other teenaged girl in America, but... I love the Hunger Games. This book is great. No, this book is amazing. Hands down one of my new favorites. One friend of mine scoffs and turns up her nose every time I so much as mention the book's title, and her reasoning behind it was this: "Too many people are obsessed with it, it's too popular."
     Now don't get me wrong, I understand what she's saying. Before I picked up this lovely novel, I'd constantly hear people chatting about the movie and obsessing over the characters. Hunger Games this, Hunger Games that, blah blah blah! The hype can get pretty annoying. However, I would never let the fact that tons of people love the book stop me from reading it. Who gives a shit, honestly? People are obsessing over the Hunger Games for a damn good reason--because it's an amazing, well-written, captivating book. I'm not going to pretend I don't like it simply because it's now a "hop on the bandwagon" thing. If I enjoy reading the book myself, that should be all that matters.

     That being said, I'd like to recommend this wonderful book to ALL of you! Yes, all 60-70 of you that have been reading my blog a day. (More about that later!) Forget about the hype. Pick up this book and give it a chance. I did, and I've been hopelessly addicted ever since!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lovely Weekend Links

My Week in Instagramz

This week was spontaneous.
Coffee shops, awesome spots, Venice beach.

     I've been everywhere & back this past week, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm lucky enough have amazing friends who are down for anything, anytime. Yesterday we were sittin' on a park bench doing nothing when someone blurted out "Who wants to go to Venice Beach?" Needless to say, everyone stood up within 10 seconds and scattered into the parking lot, hopping into cars & slamming doors. Simple as that. We also discovered an awesome coffee shop a few days ago called Viento y Agua. It's day-of-the-dead style with vibrant colors everywhere. That handsome skeleton man up there added a nice touch as well. It's also right around the corner! Well... It might be a bit towards the wrong side of the tracks, but to be honest that's usually my favorite place to be. I'd rather live in a spot where there's always something going on & someone to talk to, as opposed to my quiet neighborhood full of old people and closet tweakers. Anyways, here's the rest of my week in photos!

This week, I started working out again! Jogging clothes to prove it.

This week, I hungout with Shannon the Cannon.

This week, I opened a bathroom door and found this.
Stay classy, Venice Beach.

This week, I got my toesies done!

 This week, a puppy came up to Eldo. Made our day.

This week, I got stuck in the rain at school.
And then I got rescued.

This week, I spend lots of quality time with my cigarette sista.

This week, I had a lovely little Easter.

This week, I drank loooots of yummy homemade coffee.
Now you see it, now you don't.

And here's this amazing photo for the 2nd time because I love it that much.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Obsessing over: PINTEREST! Whoever it was that introduced me to this website has officially ruined my social life. I have spent hours and hours pinning away on this website. (Psssst... Follow me! Username is lovezofo!)  It's a never-ending flow of pretty pictures, awesome DIY projects, hairstyle ideas, recipes, and anything else you can think of. Can you say addicting? Speaking of addicting, chai tea lattes are my new favorite hot drink. I've tried 'em from about five different coffee shops in the past week. I'm on a mission to find the very best one--I just can't get enough of that warm vanilla cinnamon flavor. Mmmmm!

Working on: Organization! I don't mess around when it comes to organization. Sometimes I think I have OCD. I recently picked up my Filofax planner again, and it's making my life so much easier. I love being able to see my entire week at a glance. I'm also planning on going through my entire bedroom, one section at a time, and cleaning the shit out of it. I'm talkin' some hardcore cleaning! Scrubbing the furniture with old rags, cleaning the windows, clearing off surfaces, finishing my wall decoration, throwing away excess junk, organizing what's left... At the end of this, my bedroom will be simple, clean and lovely.

Thinking about: What to do today, what to do, what to do...

Anticipating: INK N' IRON. I'm soo0oo0oo excited for this year's Ink n' Iron festival at the Queen Mary! It's filled with everything I love. Lots of killer bands playing, yummy food, cute pin-up girls, photo booths, and of course... tattoos! Yes, I've decided that 2012 is the year for me to get my anchor tattoo. I'm 99% sure of that. I'm planning on getting it done at the festival after I do some heavy research and choose an artist. My mom won't be too happy about it, but I know the tattoo will be small & my ankle is a place where I can easily conceal it for work. This is something I've wanted for years. Counting down the days!

Listening to: Smashing Pumpkins! What an amazing band. Listen to Cherub Rock with your speakers on loud and you'll start to forget where you are. At least I do. 

Eating: I ordered an ice blended chai at this awesome coffee house the other day, but a killer migraine prevented me from drinking it. Boooooooo. Now I'm eating it with a fork, rock-solid from the freezer.

Wishing: That I could get fit & toned without putting in any work. Why can't I just magically transform into my dream body? Why?! On a more positive note, I've actually started working out this week. Instead of just promising I'm going to. I've been gettin' down on my living room floor with those workout videos & going for quick jogs around the block here and there. I hate getting over the first-week slump of working out. Starting back up again is always the worst, but once I get into a groove things will become easier and more enjoyable. I can do thiiiiiis!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins of College

     I've only been attending college for two semesters now, but after lots of observation and plenty of mistakes made, I've compiled a list of no-no's. Here are seven things to steer clear of during your final years of schooling--the seven deadly sins of college!

     I'll finished that essay... tomorrow. I'll wake up early for class... next time. I'll study for the test... after one more episode of COPS. Does this sound like you? If so, get off your butt and get busy! With all the freedom you're given in college, it's easy to slack off. I've done it. You're no longer trapped behind a chicken-wire fence like you were in high school. Nobody is going to chase after you if you leave, and nobody is going to hold your hand and remind you to finish your homework. Since nobody is telling you what to do anymore, it's pretty tempting to fall behind and enjoy your newfound freedom a little TOO much. The best way to avoid sloth is to never start it. Don't skip any classes, because one turns into one-too-many. Don't put off your homework, because one night turns into waiting 'till the night before. Fight the laziness!

     For some students, college is all about the ca$h m0n3y. (Sorry about that.) Their main goal consists of earning a degree that will get them the highest-paying career possible, whether they actually enjoy what they're doing or not. To me, that seems all wrong. I understand it, sure! College prepares you for a job, which you'll use to support yourself. But don't make your college career revolve around money. Pick a major that you'll actually enjoy. I chose Journalism--not because it would make me the most money (to be honest, I'll probably end up struggling for a few years) but because I love to write. I'm not sitting here typing up this blog entry for school, and I'm not getting paid. I'm writing this because it makes me happy. Writing is my passion. Don't choose your major with greed as your main motivation. Choose something you will genuinely enjoy doing your entire life.

     I'm just gonna be blunt here--college is FULL of gorgeous dudes. Yes, when you're on a campus with thousands upon thousands of students, a good percentage of them are bound to be good-looking. However, only a small percentage of those good-looking guys are actually non-douchebag dating material. College is a time to have fun, so don't waste your golden years chasing after some idiot frat boy or dealing with heartbreak after heartbreak. Keep it light, and if you do happen to find that one person who keeps your flame lit for more than just one evening, take the risk. That being said, there is nothing wrong with dating and flirting around in your college years... Just remember to protect your heart and your body. Also, remember that nobody likes a whore.

     Luckily, my school is pretty good when it comes to healthy food and snacks. We've got little shops all across campus selling grape cups, fruit salads, healthy soup, smoothies, vitamin water, you name it. However, things get a lil' scary once you venture further back into the store. Rows and rows of candy bars, ten different brands of greasy chips, hot cheetos, donuts, and nachos with that nasty, neon orange cheese. We even have a make-your-own milkshake machine, no joke! When it comes to staying healthy during college, all you have to do is make good decisions. Don't just reach for the nearest bag of chips--stand there for a minute or two and decide which brand has less fat/sugar/evil chemicals in it. Grab a fruit salad instead of a hot pocket. Steer clear of the campus fast food joints. All it takes is a conscious effort.


     "Ugh, I hate this teacher!" or "I hate this class!" or even "I hate this entire college!" are just a few of the remarks I've heard classmates say this past year. I may have been guilty as well. Next time a teacher assigns you a crappy essay or 50 pages of reading, keep calm. You are in college for a reason, and that reason is to actually learn something. You aren't forking over tons of cash to the school system so you can skip class and skate by doing as little work as possible, are you? A degree won't mean anything if you never actually learn about the subject. So instead of getting frustrated with that huge Sociology paper due tomorrow, just buck up and get it done. After all, nobody is forcing you to stay in school--learn how to handle it or get up and leave!

     In my opinion, a little competition is a good thing. It gives you that little itch to work harder and become a better student. However, never let jealousy take the wheel... It will steer you in a bad, bad direction. They key to avoiding envy is not to be better than everybody else, but rather to be happy with yourself the way you are. If you like yourself as a person, accept that you're not perfect and know that you're trying the best you can to succeed, there is no need to be jealous of anybody else. Be yourself, because you are the only YOU there is. Nobody likes a copy-cat or a person who is uncomfortable in their own skin. Never be afraid to be your weird, lovely, amazing self.

     To be completely honest, I don't really consider pride as a "sin." I just don't think having pride is all that terrible. If you're good at painting, why not hang your work on the walls for all to see? If you've just gotten accepted into your dream school, why not shout it from the rooftops? As long as you don't let yourself get out of control or brag to put down others, what is so wrong about taking pride in yourself and all that you do? Flaunt it if you got it!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Being a Loner

     It's official--I have become a hermit crab. And I think I actually might like it. Every year there's a looong stretch of days right around March or April in which there is NOTHING to do. No special holidays to look forward to, no exciting weather, no new beginnings or endings, nothing. It's just a "blah" time of year. Due to the extreme shortage of anything fun to do, I've been spending lots of time at home. And... I've kinda been loving it. Wait, what?! Did I really just say that? The girl who can't stay at home for more than 24 hours at a time without going stir crazy is having fun hanging out by herself? Yep, I've finally discovered the joys of spending quality time with me, myself and I.

     I'm all for staying out all night & running around town all day with friends, but lately I've been looking forward to going home at the end of the day. I've been living for that moment of putting my hair in a messy bun, taking off my shoes and getting cozy. Stepping into a steamy hot shower. Taking off my makeup. Not having to worry about my dorky pajamas. Not having to keep anybody entertained. Just me, all by myself, doing whatever the hell I wanna do--whether that's watching the Real Housewives of Orange County, studying for class, reading The Hunger Games, clicking around on Pinterest, cleaning and organizing things, playing with my iPad, cooking & eating yummy food, listening to my music, or taking a cat nap. I love having "me" time nowadays.
     Living your life to the fullest is definitely the way to go, but that doesn't necessarily mean partying 24/7 or staying out every night of the week. It means living your life doing whatever makes you happy, and that means something different for every person. If I wanna spend my Saturday night watching horror movies & eating popcorn with my dog curled up on the couch, that's exactly what I'm going to do! Life is short. Do what makes you happy, and screw the rest.