Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feelin' Special

     I just felt like writing you a lil' THANK YOU note this afternoon. Yes, you! When I first created this blog a couple months ago, I was happy to see 5, maybe 6 or 7 hits a day. Somehow that number has shot up to almost a hundred. A hundred views a day. A hundred people read my blog. A day. Really?! And not just people that I already know--the map shows readers from Russia, Japan, and even Africa who have clicked on my blog. Seeing that number rise higher & higher makes me feel amazing inside. I know I don't own the most popular blog in the universe--some get hundreds of thousands of hits a day, making my humble little blog look like an ant!--But this is much more than enough in my eyes. It's such a great feeling to know that people actually read what I write. That people actually care. That every day, almost a hundred people take time out of their day to click on the word "LOVEZOFO." It's a wonderful feeling. Thank you all very much, and don't be shy to leave comments! I'd love to meet some of my readers!

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