Monday, April 23, 2012

It's BBQ Season!

     Living in the LBC, there's no escaping the celebration that comes around on April 20th of each year. Because this is such a public blog, I'm gonna keep it PG and let your street smarts do the guessing. But anyways, I decided to organize a little springtime BBQ to celebrate this year!
     I somehow got everything to work perfectly. No trouble, no drama, no cops, no hungry tummies. Everyone brought food to share and everyone got along. It was a hot, 90-degree Long Beach day, and we set up camp at this cute little park next to the beach. The only thing that wasn't cute about it were the bum fights going on around us, but that's just to be expected. Some cracked out lady kept screaming that people were "scaring her bird," which turned out to be a crow sitting in a nearby tree. I didn't even dare to look at "her" bird. Then another one started screaming from the opposite direction about some thug wearing a du-rag who stole her lighter. Interesting day.
     We ate lots of yummy food, climbed down the steep cliffs to the ocean, found an ice cream truck, took lots of pictures, and just overall had a lovely day. Mission successful!

Moses and I! (And some inappropriate hot dog action that you should definitely ignore!)

Carne Asadaaaaa! Oh, and the other stuff.

Carrie and I being pin-up girls. We tried.

Sooo0oo0ooo thankful that everyone brought food! 

This would have been perfect if it wasn't blurry. Booooo!

Kickin' it on the beach in Loooong Beach.

The view from the top & the view from the bottom.
If you look extra closely, you can see an ant-sized little Carrie making her way down the mountain. Which was, mind you, WAY bigger than it looks here.

Just me, casually being a free-spirited hipster on the sand.
The camera accidentally turned on and took a picture.
I'm not a model.

 These girls are crazy as hell in their own ways, but I loooove them all.

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