Monday, May 28, 2012

May Flowerz

     Spring semester of college flew by before my very eyes, and it's now Summertime in the LBC! I've had quite a few good memories this month that I haven't had time to share, so here goes it. Warning: There's a busload of pictures ahead. Prepare yourself.
     The lovely month of May was for...

Wearing juicy dresses!

Sittin' around with this one boy I like.

Sittin' around with a bunch of people I like.

Spoiling myself now & then.

Thrift shopping with my momma & 50-cent purses!

Rocking the leopard print.

Expanding my career as a top secret graffiti artist.

Riding on the back of motorcycles at 90mph & holding on to Sean for dear life.
I wanted to apologize just in case I left claw marks in his jacket.

Proposing to myself a third time with a beautiful citrine/sterling silver ring.
I can't get enough of them citrines, they're so lovely.

Eating terrifying popsicles. What in the hell kind of Powerpuff girl is this?

Being a fairy princess. For no reason whatsoever.

Being a nerd in the park library. I could spend hours there.

Picking fire lilies because they're my favorite.

Drinking coffee and sittin' outside in the backyard.

Chronic fries. Enough said.

Buying gorgeous purses marked down from $80 to $20. YES.
Girls who turn up their noses on secondhand stores & thrift shops are just plain stupid!

Attempting to watch the eclipse through sunglasses. (Fail.)
This was pretty amazing, though--see all those half-moon shapes in the shadow on the wall? They're all shadows of the eclipse. 
Bet all ya'll fancy telescopes & expensive devices couldn't catch this!

Arguing with anonymous stupid people via graffiti. Oh, teenagers.

Wearing funky dresses. Always.

May is for lots of things, but mostly for days like these.

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