Thursday, February 23, 2012

Forgive & Forget

     Remember when I wrote about how I felt like I was "on the edge of something good" a few blog posts ago? Boy, did I hit the bullseye with that one. This week has brought me closure in so many ways. First off, I became cool with someone I never ever thought I'd be cool with. Ever. A girl who I've held a big fat grudge against for two years straight. Our friendship was blown up by a missile of betrayal (Please excuse my over-dramatic metaphors, it's getting late) and instead of talking it out like normal people, we just decided to ignore each others very existence. For two years. The delete-you-on-Facebook and avoid-eye-contact and never-mention-your-name-because-it's-like-Voldemort kind of ignorance. Awkward as hell, right? So there was two years of that, and guess how long it took to solve the problem face-to-face? Less than five minutes.

Make friends with your enemies? Whaaaat?!
     We're not best friends or all buddy buddy or anything like that, we're just cool now. No hard feelings. I feel like all the anger and hurt I've been carrying around with me has crumbled and disappeared. It's a huge weight off my shoulders. It's something I literally thought would never happen in a million years, but it did. And I feel so much better. Here's a word of wisdom to all you readers out there: If you're harboring bad feelings for someone, hate someone, have wronged someone, or just plain don't get along with someone... Talk to them. Don't send them a text or a Facebook message! Talk to them face-to-face, and get everything out in the open. Speak your mind and let them speak theirs. If your problem isn't solved within 15 minutes, you get your money back guaranteed. The feeling of relief that washes over you when you realize there isn't a single person on this earth who you "hate" or who "hates" you is way worth it. Fuck the bullshit, we can all get along.

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