Monday, February 20, 2012

Currently... February!

Obsessing over: Breaking Bad! This television show will blow your mind, over and over again. Each episode feels like an entire movie. It's intense, complex, shocking, interesting, addicting, and will deff have you on the edge of your seat... Or couch. The lead actor is Bryan Cranston, better known as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. I don't wanna give away too much, but let's just say Hal ends up getting in a little over his head on this series. This show makes all over TV shows look like poop. Everybody hop on Netflix and watch yourself some Breaking Bad, I promise you'll be hooked by the first episode!

Working on: This blog! Dreaming up DIY's, recipes, lists, how-to's, photographs, personal writings and plenty of other lovely ideas to post in the near future. I can't wait to keep filling this blog to the brim with whatever sparks my interest. Blogging hasn't become a chore yet, like most things I try to keep up with. I actually found something I really, really like to do in my spare time. Score!

Thinking about: My upcoming birthday! My birthday has gone undercover for the past five years or so. I never really throw parties anymore or do anything special, but this year that will change. Whether it's going out to dinner with a few friends or throwing a huge house party, I'm ready to celebrate and ain't nobody stoppin' me! 

Anticipating: the day when my hair magically transforms from blonde to brown, which should be sometime this week! (Keyword: should. I've been planning this for almost two months now but never get around to making an appointment!) I'm dying it dark chestnut brown underneath from a box tonight, and getting the whole head to gradually fade into that color in a few days. 

Listening to: Classic Punk/New Wave station on Pandora! As hard as I try, I can't get into the music of today. I just can't. The only sounds my ears will tolerate are sounds that were made in the 1990's and back. Keep your Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, and keep them far away from me!

Eating: Rotini pasta with red sauce & parmesan cheese! It's a simple, 20-minute meal and it never fails.

Wishing: That somebody would come and sweep me off my feet. I know it sounds gay and cliché, but I miss having butterflies in my tummy. I miss having phone calls to look forward to. And I miss having a partner in crime. Booo-hoo!

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