Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Very Unrealistic Birthday Wishlist

     Since I'm not getting anything for my birthday this year due to our lack of money (Booooo!) I decided to make an extremely unrealistic birthday wishlist. Maybe one day when I'm a millionare, all these things will be mine. All mine! Muahahaha. By the way, all of you lucky readers have until the 23rd of February to bring me all of these items. Just an FYI. A girl can dream, right?

This badass watch I saw inside Inked Magazine. The teeth move to display the time!

A vintage car. One that still runs.

A lifetime supply of coffee!


An old school tattoo. Or two. Or three.

This cute little seal keychain. Why, you ask? Because it's secretly a 1,000,000 volt taser. Seriously.

I bought the first Naked Palette literally a week before this one came out. And of course it's way better!

This amazing coffee cup would be nice.

Yummy shoes!

I'd like this cactus couch so I can invite my enemies over to watch some television.

I really really want a Doberman puppy. I grew up with one, and they are the sweetest most gentle animals you could ever encounter. They're friendly, playful, and amazing with children. On the flip side, if anybody fucks with you they're getting their face torn off. It's basically a win-win situation. Go Dobermans! (Oh, and sorry about the boobs. It was the best Doberman picture I could find.)

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