Saturday, February 18, 2012

Looove Zofo

       This week, I feel like I'm on the edge of something good!
Not sure if it's because I'm turning 19 on Thursday, because I'm powering through my second semester of college, because the weather is finally warming up or the fact that I'm a free woman now... Not that I wasn't before, of course! But whatever it is, it's a lovely feeling! I feel productive and (almost) on top of things. Speaking of being productive, I cranked out a five page essay about Buffalo Bill tonight without opening a single book. Tomorrow I'm buckling down and writing another one about Jeffrey Dahmer for my Criminal Justice class. I'll probably actually learn something for that one though, serial killers are always an interesting read. Anyways...

     In other breaking news that everyone cares about, I just discovered Instagram on my iPad, and I am already obsessed with it. Obsessed! Who needs lame wordy statuses when you can say everything to you need to say in a photo? It's my kinda thang, I can already tell. I also figured out how to make pretty little collages with the pictures. Score. Oh yeah, see those chocolates on the bottom right? Those were Valentine's day chocolates. That I bought myself. For myself. With my own money. Single and mothafuckin' proud, who needs a Valentine anyways? I also wear a silver & citrine ring on my left middle finger, always. Bought with my own money as well. It's a wedding ring to myself, 'cause everybody else will let you down at some point. It's also a fuck you to anyone who does... Hence the middle finger. When shit hits the fan, you are the only person you can count on in life! All you Valentine's day haters need to stop being miserable and learn to love yourself. If you desperately need someone else to do it for you, you may have issues.
     Totally not saying you should tell everyone to fuck off and become a hermit, just saying that you can't rely on another person to make you feel good about yourself. It's just gotta be you. You are all you really need to be happy, a significant other just adds more to the equation... It's almost midnight. Now that I've successfully wasted 20 minutes rambling on about nothing, I think I'll cut this post short and say goodnight. For everyone's sake, goodnight!

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