Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In 2011, I...

Even though I've had more than my share of bombshells dropped on me throughout 2011, this year definitely still had a shiny silver lining. A bright one! To celebrate the new year & gain closure on the last, I've gathered a little collection of photos taken throughout the past 12 months. Granted, the most important moments in my life usually don't happen in front of a camera (or are too juicy to post on my public blog!) but here are a few memories I did get to capture.
     In 2011, I...

Got all dressed up on prom night & did everything except go to prom.

Held $1,000 in my hands, bitchez.

Wore red lipstick and a flower, just because.

Put together some badass artwork. Wish I made more!

Discovered the value of recycling cans & bottles.

Was a bridesmaid in my aunt's lovely wedding.

Had some lazy days. Had some bad days. Had some days where all I did was the above.

Marked my territory.

Graduated from high school!

Spent the day with two sweet homeless people downtown.

Hungout with many, many friends.

Visited some old ones.

Discovered some new ones.

Shot an airsoft gun for the first time. Might not have been a real one, but boy did feel like a badass!

Took a road trip to Arizona where I had the best & worst time of my life.

Got my heart broken.

Walked barefoot in the rain.

Spent countless days relaxing in the park.

Had some crazy nights.

Went to the OC Fair & befriended all the animals.

Ate yummy food and drank lots of coffee.

Realized how much better I get along with boys.

Took those cheesy Asian photobooth pictures.

Got my first FiloFax as a graduation present.

Wore flowy dresses in the Summer.

Rang in 2012 with some awesome people.

Enjoyed living this lovely life in the LBC!
Can't wait to see what's in store for the new year.

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