Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Goals: January!

I love making lists. I don't know if it's OCD, craziness, or just plain boredom, but I am an avid list maker. Building up a list of things I want to accomplish makes me feel like I'm handling my bizz, and checking items off those lists is a pretty amazing feeling too. Each month, I'm making a list of five things I want to get done. And I will do them, dammit! Here's my first attempt.

     1. Lose three pounds. It's January 18th. I've got a little more than 10 days left 'till the end of the month, but this is possible. I've dropped five pounds since last week (not on purpose, just unhealthy habits) so what's another three to go? All I have to do is continue being an impulsive teenager who doesn't eat 'till 3 or 4pm. I'd like to start running as well, but that'll have to wait until I'm not sick anymore. Woohooo!

     2. Dye my hair. Everybody begs me not to, but I've had this hair my entire life. I want a change. Nothing crazy, but I want something different. I'm not going pink, or blue, or even dark at all. Just a little lowlights and warm chestnut brown colors weaved in, with dark brown underneath. I'm tired of being blonde. Doesn't matter what ya'll think, I'm going for it!

     3. Apply for jobs & write my resume. No more excuses, it's time. I can't accomplish any of my BIG goals without this one first. You gotta start somewhere! (Even if it means McDonald's or Dollar Tree!)

     4. Find a really, really good book. It's almost embarrassing for me to say how long it's been since I've read a book. (Willingly.) A year? Or even longer? I'm a speed reader, and when I find a book that sparks my interest it doesn't leave my hands until it's done. Or until I'm done, and pass out with the book still open... Anyways, I'm on a mission to find an amazing read this month!

     5. Buy a cute scarf. Not a very meaningful goal, but hey. I'm writing this halfway through January man.

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