Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Unthankful List

     It's Thanksgiving day, and I'm thankful for my friends and fami..... Boring! We all know what everyone is thankful for on this lovely little holiday, but what about those things we aren't so excited about? Here's my list of unthankfulness, just a few things I won't be mentioning at the Thanksgiving table tonight.

     1. Stupid college courses. I'm studying to be a Journalist for christ sake, why the hell am I learning how to calculate the domain and range of the square root of 12.5432? 'Nuff said.
     2. Racism. Throughout the years, I've been so conditioned to turn around whenever someone yells "white girl" that it's become like a second nickname. Dealing with the kind of people I've had to deal with for the past 10 years or so, I'm surprised I haven't become a full blown curb stomping Nazi chick by now. Don't get me wrong... I'm not racist. It's NOT the race of a person that bothers me, it's the TYPE of person they are. I don't care how loud you can yell or how much shit you talk about me in Spanish... You are whats wrong with this place. Get the hell out!
     3. Crazy people on the city bus. (And in Long Beach in general!) So I'm walking through my neighborhood, a relatively calm part of the city full of quiet old people and closet tweakers. Everything's going fine until I run into him again... Him. The 30-something year old homeless black guy that has yellow eyes and talks jibberish to himself as he chases his 2 dollar vodka down with a water bottle and stumbles around the streets all day. It doesn't help that he's the size of an NBA basketball player and easily could lift me over his shoulders and snap me in half. And let's not forget about Grandma Death who sits in front of me on the bus each morning hacking up her lungs and whispering things to herself (probably trying to cast a spell on someone, only God knows). Oh! And the strange man who enthusiastically prayed for me at Jack in the Box and proceeded to run across the street speaking in tongues. Oh no, there's no escaping it here in this charming little city of Long Beach.
     4. Wishful thinking. My wishful thinking. I'm always striving for something. I always have some crazy idea in my head, some thing I have to buy, or some kind of next level I have to reach and THEN I'll finally be happy. I'll be happy once I get accepted into CSULB. (Wrong.) I'll be happy once I get my iPad. (Wrong.) I'll be happy once I gain enough freedom to be able to stay out 'till morning every night. (Wrong- Just more exhausted.) I'll be happy once I get my license. I'll be happy once I go shopping. I'll be happy someday? When I learn how to be, maybe.
     5. Insane Black Friday shoppers. A few friends & I are venturing out into the war zone that is Black Friday shopping tonight. We could care less about the deals, we just go to roam the streets at night, have fun, and maybe pick up a cute top or two. The rest of the shoppers? INSANE. People line the streets and camp out in front of stores for DAYS, just to make sure they're first in line to burst through the doors at opening and play tug-o-war with flat screen TV's. Some shoppers apparently use pepper spray to make sure nobody else gets the items they want. Really, America? Gross!

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