Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: The Coffee Cup Café!

     One of my goals from "8 Weeks to a Better Me" was to write about a local restaurant or venue, and I knew from the start that the wonderful Coffee Cup Café deserved a special spot in my blog! I was planning on not giving away my hometown on the internet, in fear that some sweaty 45 year-old man from Arkansas will track down my whereabouts and come chop me up into pieces on the way home from school... But at this point, it's not really that hard to tell I live in Long Beach. Especially since I'm writing about a restaurant in it. Long Beach, California is a place of both beauty and hideousness, harsh ghettos and rows of beautiful Spanish style homes, a melting pot of all kinds of different ethnicities. It has it's bad parts, but I love this city and all it's hidden gems. Which brings me back to my main topic- The Coffee Cup Café!

     Walking up to the restaurant, you immediately get this hipter-ish vibe that radiates from the entire block. Not sure if it was the Harley Davidson parked at the curb or the chick with the pink hair smoking cigarettes outside, but the energy was definitely there. And it was good. The waiting list was pretty hefty, an annoying (but good!) sign. They serve free coffee while you wait outside, though. A definite plus! After enjoying a hot cup of Joe, the hostess brought us in. I felt a little sorry for her, she was practically dripping sweat and getting a full body workout from trying to please the mass amount of people entering and exiting the restaurant. I always feel for the hostesses, since I know what it's like to be one!

     The inside of the restaurant- although a bit loud due to every table being packed with patrons- puts out a warm, friendly and hip atmosphere. Colorfully abstract paintings dot the mustard-yellow walls and leafy green plants bring life to every corner.
     In the Coffee Cup Café, I received some of the best service I've gotten in a long while. The servers are quick on their feet, friendly, and best of all... NOT annoying! Don't you hate it when you're trying to enjoy your meal, but the freakin' waitress never leaves you alone? "How's everything?" Five minutes later. "Anything else you need?" Five minutes later. "Everything tasting okay?" Ugh.
     I'm already kissing this restaurant's ass way more than necessary, but I haven't even reached the most important part yet... THE FOOD! Oh my Lord, the food. I ordered a Baja Breakfast Burrito ($8.50 but I split it with a friend, half was more than enough) with chopped potatoes. It looked like a fucking painting. The burrito was beautifully served with salsa, sliced avocado and a dollop of sour cream on top. On the inside there was rice, black beans, melted cheese, carnitas and eggs. Now, let me tell you, I've never been a fan of breakfast food. I hate pancakes, I hate eggs, I hate waffles, and I rarely even eat breakfast at all. But the Coffee Cup Café is a life changer, man.

     Everything about this place was lovely. Five stars. Grab a few friends and head down to 4th street if your a Long Beach local like me, I pinky promise you will love it.

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