Friday, September 16, 2011

About LoveZofo

Hello! My name is Zoe & I'm here to spread a message of happiness and self-love throughout the blog-o-sphere! Living your life solely to please the people around you is so 1950's. It's time we stop giving a damn about what people think and start appreciating ourselves for the lovely ladies we truly are! I believe in wearing flowers in your hair on a daily basis, dressing up each and every day, eating that ice cream cone you've tried oh-so-hard to avoid, and singing your heart out in the car- Yes, even when you come to a stoplight! I believe that people should do whatever they can to keep a smile on their face. Life's too short NOT to enjoy every minute of it. With that said, LoveZofo serves as an outlet for all the madness that leaks out of my brain on a daily basis. It's full to the brim with my personal photos, wonderful nights, hard lessons learned, random stories, lovely things and plenty of inspiration! For as long as I can remember, I've been constantly searching for tips & tricks to help me write, dress, speak, create, and live better. I'm all about self-improvement. Not because anybody needs improving, but because there's always room to make your life a little bit more magical. My goal is to help girls discover the lovely lady inside, the one that's itching to shine through on the surface. I want to help people out by sharing my knowledge, and hopefully learn a few things myself along the way. I want to spread the message of wild self-love and confidence. Love your beautiful soul and your freckled nose, love your chipped nails and your rosy red cheeks. Love absolutely everything about yourself, and as for the things you're not too fond of? Change 'em! Living a life chock full of passion and excitement isn't found by pure luck, it's a choice we all make each day. What will you choose?